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Armed Forces Family UK Peer Support

Addressing Social Isolation
Within The Local Community

Who We Are

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In 1977, Tom, our Chairperson, left the Army; he had been serving in 3RGJ, most of the time in Northern Ireland.  He met Maria in 1982, and they married in 1983. Almost as soon as they met, she noticed that Tom had some 'odd' behaviours: he would always sit with his back to the wall, watching everyone in the room; if he heard a loud noise he was on edge, sometimes throwing himself into a hedge if they were out in the street; he could never stand still...She realised he had combat PTSD.  

This was quite isolating, for both of them, as others would find his behaviours and reactions 'off-putting'. 

This eventually led to Tom starting up two Facebook groups: Armed Forces Family UK, and Armed Forces Family UK PTSD & Mental Health Support, as a way to try to bring together those who, like him, were suffering from service-related PTSD, and other mental health problems.  He wanted to create a safe space for them, and their families, to chat with others who were going through the same kinds of challenges. Tom also found that there were members of the Blue Light community who were suffering in much the same way as the veterans' community. 

From the moment he started his Facebook groups, he understood that by working together these challenges could be met much more efficiently, and that is why he ultimately decided to launch Armed Forces Family UK Peer Support. He is striving to make a positive change to the lives of Veterans, and members of the Blue Light Community, their families and carers/supporters, in the Littlehampton area, by working to overcome the social isolation caused by service/work-related PTSD and other mental health issues. .

Outdoor & Woodland Crafts

Join us to make and plant containers, and to make bird boxes and bird tables, etc.  If there is sufficient interest, we hope to take work parties to local woodlands in the future.

Peer Support

Join us every Friday, from 10am onwards, for a cuppa and a chat, and signposting to appropriate services.


New Venue: Wickbourne Centre, Clun Road, Littlehampton, BN17 7DZ

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Social isolation is a big problem, particularly for Veterans and members of the Blue Light community who may be suffering from job-related PTSD, or other mental health issues.  Social isolation also affects members of their families, and carers/supporters.  We give our time and expertise freely to address and help overcome this social isolation, providing peer support, signposting, and various outdoor wellbeing activities.

We are a non-profit community organisation; if you are able to make a donation to help with transport, purchasing materials, etc, please contact us by 'phone,

on 01903 415478, or by email:

Thank you

The Team

Tom O'Connor

Founder & Chairperson

We are currently recruiting to fill various positions, including Secretary & Treasurer.

Watch this space!

Contact Us


Wickbourne Centre

Clun Road


BN17 7DZ

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01903 - 415478

Meeting Times


9am - 4pm


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